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Monday, July 12, 2010

Be Prepared for a Disaster - Tax & Insurance Advice

The IRS just issued a Summertime Tax Tip which is also good advice for your insurance coverage!  Safeguarding your records will provide you with better information for tax deductions and insurance claims.  Simple steps can keep you prepared:

1.  Recordkeeping - With today's technology, you can easily take advantage of paperless recordkeeping for important documents such as tax returns, appraisals, reciepts for major purchases, etc.

2,  Document Valuables - A room-by-room inventory is extremely helpful in reconstructing records folowwing a disaster.  Consider photographing or videoing your contents.  Be sure to store the pictures/videos in a safe place outside of your home or business.  Multiple copies are recommended.

3. Update Emergency Plans - You and your family are the most important assets.  Think through your emergency and/or escape plans NOW.  Keep a battery operated weather/news radio and flashlights ready.  Evacuate when directed by authorities.

4. Count on Your Agent - Know how to contact your local Trusted Choice agent following a loss, so they can assist you through the claim process.  Don't rely on a 800 number - you need a person to talk to!  In the event of a federally-declared disaster, be aware that the IRS may provide you with assistance on filing.

Your Trusted Choice agent ( /) can assist you in placing coverage and reviewing your current coverage for adequacy.  If you are in Mississippi, Lousiana, or Alabama contact your Trusted Choice agent, Treutel Insurance - / , Angelyn at Treutel Insurance. You can reach us by email:  , phone:228-467-5662, fax:228-466-4314, FaceBook, Twitter, or  or through our 24/7 Client Service Portal.