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Friday, June 11, 2010

HURRICANE SEASON - What happens when oil is in flood water???

Thankfully, BEFORE the actual event, FEMA has issued guidance on on the looming issue of oil and water claims which could result from a hurricane surge in the Gulf. FEMA has issued Bulletin W-10065 to clarify coverage under these circumstances (attached).

Coverage for Commercial buildings and contents damaged by pollutants is limited to $10,000. Coverage for Residential buildings and contents is only limited by the selected policy limits and is limited to direct physical damage.

Coverage is only provided for structures. There is no coverage for grounds or soil damage. There is no coverage for special removal methods used to comply with local ordinances.

Flooding (and anything carried in with the water, such as oil) is typically EXCLUDED from home and propoerty policies, so be certain you have flood insurance to protect your assets.  And remember that in most cases, there is a 30 day waiting period for flood coverage to begin, and you must purchase DWELLING and CONTENTS coverage separately.  Your Trusted Choice agent ( can assist you in placing flood coverage.
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