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Friday, May 31, 2019

4 Steps That Can Keep Your Family Safe During a Disaster

The Gulf Coast is known for palm trees, white beaches, and sunshine. Throughout the year, however, our states also see their fair share of hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. So, how can families living on the wonderful Gulf Coast be prepared to get through these emergencies safely? By putting together a family emergency plan and disaster kit using the following steps.

Make Sure Your Home and Family Are Protected

On The Gulf Coast, that means knowing whether hurricane-related damage will be protected by your homeowner’s insurance policy and adding additional coverage if necessary.

Develop a Plan and Practice It with Your Family

If you have never experienced a flood, a hurricane, or any other natural disaster, you should know that they can be pretty stressful. Thinking about your family’s health and safety in the moment is never a good idea, as your judgment can be clouded by stress and anxiety, which is why it’s always smart to plan ahead for disasters. FEMA suggests that families review essential emergency and disaster information together and come up with a solid plan that will keep everyone calm and connected. You can even print a copy of your plan and have everyone carry it in their backpack or wallets. With kids, you may need to use some extra finesse to avoid fear and trauma. You can ease some of those fears by talking to your kids about what to do in the event of an emergency and using books to help your children better understand.

Know Your Family’s Evacuation Zones and Shelter Options

Often times, government officials will issue evacuation orders to keep citizens out of the path of strong storms and large wildfires. On the Gulf Coast, evacuation zones are assigned by proximity to the coast and risk of damage from surge waters, but any area may be evacuated if needed. Knowing your zone can help you better prepare for future hurricanes and allow you to escape to safety in the event of a hurricane warning in your area. You may even want to prep your home and leave early. If you will be weathering the storm in-town or if an emergency strikes with little warning, you may need to leave your home and find an emergency shelter. Be aware that many animal shelters do not allow pets, but this tool will help you locate ones that do.

Assemble Emergency Kits for Your Home and Family Members

Putting together a family emergency plan can keep you safe, but you will also want to put together some supplies. Your emergency kit should include essentials such as flashlights, fresh batteries, a first aid kit, and any medications your family members will need (prescriptions should be filled ahead of a storm so you won’t run out). You should also keep a supply of bottled water and non-perishable foods in your pantry at all times since getting to stores may be impossible during an emergency situation. Also, consider assembling some go-bags in case you need to get your family out and to safety quickly. Put smaller versions of the items listed above into a backpack for your family, as well as a few games to keep children calm.

Having an emergency plan in place can help keep your family collected and calm during an emergency. So, prepare your home and family well ahead of time, and talk about this plan together. Your lives and safety could depend on it.

It’s always smart to plan for the worst rather than being surprised by the unexpected. Unfortunately, many people fail to plan with a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy can set your loved ones up for less pain and stress should the unthinkable happen. In fact, the very definition of a life insurance policy is “a contract between you and a life insurance company that helps financially protect your loved ones if you pass away.” This important layer of protection is vital for any family’s disaster or emergency plan. In addition to protecting yourself and your loved ones, you will also want to make sure you have enough coverage for your home.

Special thanks to Burt Sims – for his words of wisdom.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What Insurance Do You Need in Your 40's

Life is flying by... the kids are growing and getting on with their own lives, but life is fun.  You are traveling more, and you have more toys. Life is enjoyable and exhilarating! Take the time to review and be certain you have the right insurance for your protection. here are some things you need to know to make an informed decision, suggested by

Purchasing a Vacation Home?  You will need a policy to protect the structure of your vacation home, your liability exposure, and any personal belongings.  Your Trusted Choice agent will work with your realtor and your lender and will assist you in determining the appropriate Replacement Cost to protect your vacation home from natural disasters and other risks.  Ask about discounts and credits you can apply to your policy for bundling policies with the same carrier.

Got Toys?  Be sure you have your expensive toys insured.  Now is the time for motorcycle insurance and boat insurance.  Even golf carts and ATVs and jet skis need coverage.  Any large purchases of jewelry and furs and artwork should be added as a Scheduled Item on your home policy.

Looking to the future?  The younger you are when you purchase Long Term Care protection, the lower your rate will be.  This insurance covers people who are aging or disabled and need help with daily living whether in a nursing home or at their own home. 

Got to have an Umbrella!  You have much to lose, and if you now have young drives, your odds of a loss are significantly higher.  An umbrella will give you extended protection over your underlying policies.  Your Trusted Choice agent will offer you options to enhance your protection.
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