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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Antivirus System Pro :(

Why do jerks do this?  Why do they create software that takes over your computer and wastes valuable time and money .... especially in THIS economy?  Why don't they use their skills for GOOD instead of EVIL???  This and many other questions lead me to my current blog .... the treachery of Antivirus System Pro :(

One of the ladies in my office realized she had a problem when the warning sounds came on --- there is a Trojan on your computer !!  Quarantine or delete it ... she tried both, but neither worked.  The warning came up again and again.  She ran a virus scan with Avast and Mcafee, both of which identified the problem, but neither could fix.  We googled eradication steps and spent 5 hours deleting, un-hijacking (check out HiJackThis - a great utility to have on your computer!).  The porn and viagra pop-ups ceased, and the computer could access the internet, but our joy was brief....

The next day, the virus was BACK.  Someone suggested downloading Malwarebytes (which is recommended on several forums), however, the virus would not allow it to work.  So, another malware removal program was downloaded .... only to realize that it had ANOTHER VIRUS!!!

Well, enough of this!!!  I had previously used McAfee's Virus Removal Service and they were wonderful.  They can log into your computer remotely and kill the evil virus.  (Why didn't we think of this sooner???!!!)  The site is  The cost is $89.95 ... much less than an entire day of staff time!!  And again, Mcafee saved the day (and the computer!) .  They logged in and had the machine cleaned in about 30 minutes.  Hooray!! 

Next time, use McAfee's Virus Removal Service FIRST!!

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  1. Great post. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. We can't see how putting something in the hands of a professional is much better than trying to do it ourselves.


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