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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hancock Chamber Helps Small Businesses Use Social Networking Tools to Increase Profits

Hancock Chamber Helps Small Businesses Use Social Networking Tools to Increase Profits

Friday, April 23rd Coffee Call at 8am at Kiln Library

With all of the talk on using social media to increase business, the Hancock Chamber is making plans to bring this important information to the community. The Hancock Chamber will host a Coffee Call meeting on Friday, April 23 from 8am – 9:30am at the Kiln Public Library on Highway 603. The session, conducted by Angelyn S. Treutel, CPA of Treutel Insurance, will offer guidance on how your business can benefit from social networking, a cost effective method to extend marketing reach and improve client contact, service and sales. During the session, information will be provided on sites and free online tools a business may use; how to budget time spent on social web marketing; and how to tie in your social networking and internet marketing with your business website to create an integrated Internet presence and brand. Tools will also be provided to assist in establishing a social media policy for employees. This event is brought to the community by the Alumni Association of the Hancock Leadership Program and the Women’s Leadership Roundtable, both programs of the Hancock Chamber. The fee for members to attend is $10 per person to cover the cost of breakfast. Non members can attend for a fee of $15 per person. To register call: 228-467-9048 or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE.

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