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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Look out Dorothy! It's a tornado!

Most days I like my job.  But I do know for certain that I wouldn't be happy as a meteorologist!  Don't get me wrong!  I appreciate the efforts of weathermen and women who work to keep us informed on incoming weather conditions -- but I don't understand those who enjoy being in the middle of extreme weather.  I was very sad to hear of the death of 3 tornado chasers who were killed by a tornado. 

Tornadoes strike with very little warning, and those who are experiencing a strong storm should be aware of some signs:

+ Large hail
+ Very dark (almost green) skies
+ Low clouds that are dark and rotating
+ A loud train-like roar

The weather service issues a TORNADO WATCH whenever there is a possiblity that a tornado may form, and take precautions!  A TORNADO WARNING means a tornado has been spotted in your area. 

Get inside immediately! and stay inside! (underground if possible)

After the tornado passes, be very careful and watch for power lines that my be down and avoid puddles with wires in then.  Be aware that there may leaking gas pipes.  Check out more information at the Insurance Information Institute.

Contact your Trusted Choice Insurance Agent to make a claim for your home or vehicle damage or to save money on insurance. 

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