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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make your last Summer Holiday the Best! Stay safe while Grilling!!

Labor Day is best known for outdoor time with family and friends, as we say a final goodbye to the summer. It’s also a good time to showcase your awesome grilling skills for everyone in the name of fun. But, like most skills, being safe is a huge part of what makes your showcase so awesome.

Sometimes in the heat of summertime entertaining, we forget a few minor steps that could definitely ruin a good time. Check out these safety tips for food prep and grilling safety and be sure to share some of your own tips (or yummy recipes) with us in the comments!

  • Keep it clean!! Wash food before you prepare it and wash your hands after you handle each item before touching another. Wash everything raw meat comes in contact with, especially your hands. Wash! Wash! Wash!

  • Keep it covered!! When you step away, even for a second, be sure to cover your food. Pesky insects and critters are the only things in your back yard craving that feast more than your guests. Flies are your #1 enemy with uncovered food…one moment they’re standing on dog poop, the next moment they’re standing on your BBQ ribs…yikes!

  • Keep it hot!! Bacteria die around 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that all cooking surfaces are brought to a very high temperature. If you enjoy low & slow cooking, start your smoker off by making sure all metal parts are brought to a temperature above boiling water before you start cooking.

  • Keep it fresh!! Using a marinate for your meats? Be sure to marinate meats in a bowl in your refrigerator and not on your counter. If you want to reuse your marinate as a baste, remember raw meat has been in it—boil it first! Keep your meats refrigerated until it’s time to cook.

  • Keep it safe!! Keep a fire extinguisher handy and be sure you know how to use it. Also, be sure you know how to cut fuel lines to the grill if you’re not using charcoal. Even though we believe grilling is pretty instinctive and easy, it’s always important to fully read the instruction manual for your grill. Grills have very specific ranges of operation.

  • Keep your distance!! That aromatic smoke that fills the air and gets your tummies growling is part of the experience, but smoke from your grill contains carbon monoxide and other dangerous substances that cause cancer. But not only should you keep your distance, so should your grill. Be sure to place the grill far from your home, garage, greenery or anything that could catch a spark. Also be sure your grill is located in a place where guests aren’t gathering and taking a chance at getting burned.

  • Keep it healthy!! You should never leave your grilling utensils outdoors with your grill. Keep them clean and indoors until you need them outside.

What kind of grill do you use? The leading cause of gas grill fires is an obstruction in the path of the fuel. Be sure to inspect behind, underneath and inside your gas grill. Make sure gas lines are secure and not leaking or damaged. If you see trouble, turn off all control valves and the fuel tank and be sure everything is disconnected. The number one problem with a charcoal grill is getting it lit. Lighter fluid is dangerous and should never be added to already hot coals. Also remember that your food can be creating more flammable material in the form of grease. Grease fires are the leading cause of house fires and that same culprit collects in your grill over time. It’s easy to find several pounds of grease in your grill after only a few cook outs. Be sure you are keeping your grill clean.

Your friends at SouthGroup Insurance want you all to have a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones, and good advice isn’t the only thing we’re giving away this Labor Day weekend!

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Thanks to Susan Monti for her words of wisdom!


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