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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Employee Benefits Will Help You Retain Your Great Employees

Every business owner knows that having the right employees can make or break your business, so careful selection is important. Conversely, a potential employee needs to decide whether you’re a desirable employer to work for. One of the biggest factors that influence employee retention is good hiring practices and great benefits.  No matter the size or type of business you have, an attractive employee benefits package can help to provide security for your current and future employees that can help you to optimize your investment in your staffing.

Some of the employee benefits you can consider include retirement income, workers compensation, short term disability, long term disability, healthcare coverage, dental and vision plans, life insurance, identity theft protection and paid time off. If you are a public company, or a company that is considering going public, your offering may include employee stock options as well.  Working with a good Trusted Choice independent agent can help you put together the right employee benefits plan.

Four Major Types of Employee Benefits

  • Medical insurance: These plans can cover hospital visits, doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions and possibly vision and dental. As the employer, you will cover the majority of the premium.
  • Life insurance: If your employee dies, this benefit will provide financial payments to the employee's named beneficiaries; these benefits can help that person's family to cover funeral costs and ongoing living expenses.
  • Disability Insurance: You can choose to offer short term and/or long term disability insurance. In the event that your employee is injured or has a lengthy illness, this benefit provides payment during the period of time your employee cannot work.
  • Retirement Benefits: The most common type is a 401(k) which allows employees to deduct a certain amount of each paycheck to put towards retirement savings. Some businesses choose to match that deduction amount.

Employee Benefits Required by Law

  • Social Security taxes: If you hire an employee, you must deduct social security taxes from that employee’s wages, pay the taxes to the IRS, and report the wages to the Social Security Administration (SSA). In return, your employee may receive Social Security and Medicare benefits later in life.
  • Unemployment insurance: For each employee, you must pay unemployment insurance taxes to your state government. Those fees are given to qualified unemployed individuals. Procedures and requirements vary by state.
  • Workers compensation: This is a type of employee benefits insurance that works for both parties. By agreeing to pay for injuries and illness that an employee may suffer on the job, you limit your risk of an employee lawsuit. Workers compensation is required by most but not all states; in states where it is required, typically companies that have over three employees must provide this coverage.
Employee Benefits Not Taxable 
      * Tuition reimbursement: If your business participates in an education program and agrees to
          reimburse an employee for tuition, that payment is not taxable income.
      *  Employer lodging: 
If you provide housing for an employee for business purposes and certain
          requirements are met, the rent amount cannot be included on an employee’s taxes.

  • Services and discounts: If you have a partnership with a telephone company and employees receive 20% off phone bills, for example, the money saved is not taxable.
  • Random perks: The occasional office lunch shouldn’t go on and employee’s W-2.
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