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Friday, July 1, 2022

Surety Bonds for Your Business Protection

Professionally, not producing a promised product or completing a project could get you in a lot of trouble. 

Protect your reputation and company name by purchasing a surety business bond from an independent agent.  This article is an excerpt from Trusted Choice.  The full article may be viewed here:

Who Needs Surety Bonds?

  • Automotive dealers
  • Construction companies
  • Independent contractors
  • Collection agencies
  • Health clubs
  • Auctioneers
  • Medical equipment providers
  • Travel agencies
  • Notaries

What Is a Surety Bond?

Many people think of surety bonds as "surety insurance." But they are not actually a form of insurance. Think of a surety bond as a line of credit. 

If you can’t complete a project, the project owner can then tap into that line of credit to finish the project as necessary. Surety business bonds are a three-party agreement. The three parties involved include:

  • The surety company supplying the bond
  • The obligee, who is the project owner
  • The principal, which is the contractor, organization or employer providing the work

Before the contractor can begin the job, the project owner may require a surety business bond from a surety company. Some projects will require a surety bond and others may not. 

Types of Surety Business Bonds

Although surety bonds are common in the construction/contracting field, there are many types of bonds that serve many different purposes.

  • License and permit bonds: The obligee, which is often a government agency, requires a bond from the principal. The bond states that all codes and regulations will be followed. For example, a plumber may be required to obtain a license before beginning work. To get a plumber license, you must first secure a license bond, agreeing to adhere to city plumbing code.
  • Public official bond: This bond states that elected or appointed officials will perform the duties they are given. Typical bonded positions include notaries, judges, and treasurers.
  • Probate and other court bonds: If you’re given a certain responsibility as a fiduciary or trustee, a probate bond guarantees you perform honestly and faithfully. Other court bonds include:
    • Administrator
    • Executor
    • Conservator
    • Injunction
    • Release of lien
  • Miscellaneous bonds: These are complicated bonds requiring an experienced underwriter, since most involve large risk obligations. These include several types of bonds, including:
    • Utility payment guarantees
    • Union wage and welfare
  • Contract performance bond: This bond guarantees that you will follow all terms and conditions set forth by the contract. Many require advance notice. Types of contract performance bonds include:
    • Bid bonds
    • Performance bonds
    • Payment bonds

Benefits of Surety Bonds

If you aren’t required to purchase a surety business bond, why would you? There are multiple ways surety bonds can benefit both parties. As the principal, obtaining a surety bond prior to working with a new project owner displays business integrity and financial stability. 

To get a surety bond, principals must apply and meet certain standards set by a surety company. Being rewarded with a surety bond from a top quality surety company is a testament to your business strength.

For a project owner, surety bonds can be a lifesaver. Even if a terrible tragedy prevents a principal from fulfilling a contract, the project must still be completed. Working with a principal that possesses a surety bond can provide peace of mind that, no matter what, your job will get done.

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