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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Auto Insurance Myths

MSN Money highlighted an interesting article posted by "The 6 biggest car insurance myths"

Myth No 1: Red cars are the most expensive to insure. FALSE
Myth No 2: Thieves are more likely to steal new cars. FALSE
Myth No 3: My insurance will cover me if my car is stolen, vandalized or damaged by hail or fire. (FALSE-UNLESS YOU PURCHASE COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE)
Myth No 4: If my car is totaled, my insurance will pay off what I owe on my loan or lease. (FALSE-UNLESS YOU PURCHASE GAP COVERAGE)
Myth No 5: My insurance company will pay for a rental car if my car is stoled or damaged in an accident. (FALSE-UNLESS YOU PURCHASE RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT COVERAGE)
Myth No 6: Drivers of sports cars get more tickets and thus pay higher insurance premiums. (FALSE. Hummer drivers have almost 5 times the average number of violations.)

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