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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Thoughts About Life

MAKE IT MATTER – Those to whom much is given, much is asked. We live in a very wonderful world. While it is not perfect, there is much we can do to make our world a better place.
SPEAK UP – When ordinary citizens don’t use their voices, special interest groups will rule. Stay engaged with your local, state and national governmental officials, and let them know what you think. Get involved with your Chamber of Commerce.
CHECK THE FACTS – Mis-information and ‘spinning the message’ are very prevalent in today’s media. Always check other sources to find out what key facts may be left out, so you may decide for yourself. Reader’s Digest (June 2009) offered the following websites as good sources to verify facts: (shows how politicians voted and upcoming key votes); (posts info on major bills and congressional earmarks); (great for fact-checking); (info on the stimulus bill); (Citizens Against Government Waste); (Project on Government Oversight). Might be worth checking these out.
HEALTHCARE – This is going to be a huge topic over the next few months. Stay tuned for developments that could really change our way of life. I would hate to have to go to the Post Office to purchase my healthcare coverage! Socialized medicine is NOT the right answer. Check out for FACTS.
GET HEALTHY - On the other hand, our society is not very healthy, and we should all do more to change the trend (ok, I know, it’s time to get back to my exercise class that I have missed over the last few weeks!). Reader’s Digest had a good article on how to avoid Diabetes with smarter food choices (all the things our Mothers told us!!) Starting today, make a plan to: drink milk, eat nuts, drink coffee, and sprinkle some cinnamon. Also, according to, to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s. add curry to a meal once per week.
EXPECT THE BEST ! Optimisim is contagious, so is pessimism :( Keep smiling!
PAY IT FORWARD – Do something nice for someone else everyday without expecting anything in return.
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