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Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Hurricane Preparedness

1) Flood damage from hurricanes is NOT covered by your home or fire property insurance policy on your residence or business. Even if you are not in a designated flood zone, flood insurance is recommended. You MUST have a separate FLOOD insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. There is a 30-DAY WAITING PERIOD before a new flood policy will become effective. Call or come by our office TODAY to get your flood policy!
2) Have a summary of your insurance policies with you if you must evacuate. NOW IS THE TIME to review your coverage levels on each policy (home, wind, flood, auto, etc) and your mortgage holders to ensure that your coverage is adequate and that all information is correct on your policy, including mortgage holders. Be sure you know your carrier's name and policy number for all of your policies. You may contact us (email:, phone: 228-467-5662, fax: 228-466-4314) if you need policy information or if you need any changes to your policy. You may also obtain current policy information at - select CSR24 for 24/7 access to your data.
3) Home and business preparations: * Remove yard debris, like dead tree limbs, that could become flying missiles* Have a safe place to park your cars or store your boat* Back-up computer records and store them at least 50 miles off-site* Gather important papers, including inventory lists and insurance information, to take with you if youmust evacuate (keep valuable papers in a WATERPROOF container)* Take pictures or video your possessions to assist in documenting.
4) If you evacuate, email us with your contact information (address and phone number).
5) If a hurricane strikes our area, MAKE PERSONAL SAFETY YOUR FIRST PRIORITY! (Beware of dangling electrical wires, broken gas lines, etc.)5) If you have hurricane damage, report it to us as soon as possible - call 228-467-5662 or email: or fax 228-466-4314. You may also report your claim directly to the appropriate carrier (phone numbers will be available at Recognize that communication lines may be impaired, but keep trying!
6) Following a storm, make temporary repairs and take pictures of all damage. Don't throw away any valuables until an adjuster has personally seen and documented them.
7) Thoroughly document your damage by listing damaged/destroyed items along with estimated values to provide to your adjuster. Take pictures if possible.
8) Your adjuster will discuss with you which damages are covered under your policy. Make a note of your adjuster's name and number, as well as the claim number you will be assigned. You will be assigned a different adjuster for each policy that you have. Keep in touch with your adjuster(s), at least weekly, until your claim is settled.
9) Contact Treutel Insurance, your Trusted Choice agent (email:, phone: 228-467-5662, fax: 228-466-4314) with any questions you may have.
May God bless us all during this hurricane season.

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