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Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

A CPI study completed for October 2009 reflected an 11% increase in auto rates over the past year.  Nebraska (+20%) and Idaho (+15%) led the nation's increase, while Montana (-16%) and several southern states, Mississippi (-5%), Louisiana (-6%), and Georgia (-7%) actually benefitted from lower rates.

An article on Top Ways to Turn Your Current Car Insurance Into Cheap Insurance recommends the following ways to lower your insurance cost:
- Add theft devices and/or window sketching
- Combine all vehicles in the household on one policy to obtain multi-car discounts
- Look for carriers offering 12-month policy (instead of 6 months)
- Check your mileage carefully.  Many policies offer discounts for vehicles with low annual mileage.
- Increase deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage (if you have a loan, you will need to verify that your lienholder will allow the higher deductible)
- Take Defensive Driving classes for a policy credit
- Combine policies with the same provider (auto and home, or auto and rental).  The discounts can be significant.
- Watch your credit rating which could impact your rate.  If your credit is a problem, you may wish to seek a carrier who does not check credit, although there are very few.
- Purchase an "insurance friendly vehicle" (i.e. Avoid sports cars and luxury vehicles and vehicles with a high theft history.  Select vehicles that have low repair costs)

Your Trusted Choice agent,, can provide you with multiple quotes from multiple carriers and advise you on coverages and available credits.   Every day we work with our clients to provide better coverage and save them money!  Contact us for a free-no-obligation quote.  Reach us via CHAT, EMAIL, PHONE:228-467-5662, FAX:228-466-4314, or visit us at 401 Hwy 90 in Bay St Louis MS.

We are licensed to write coverage in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

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