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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anywhere It Rains, It Can Flood - Flood Safety Awareness Week

Last year there were more than 5600 floods in the US with property damage in excess of $5.6 billion.  In the last 5 years, there were over 26,000 floods exceeding $198 billion in damage affecting EVERY STATE IN THE US.  This week is National Flood Safety Awareness Week (March 15-19).  FEMA has developed an informative website to help consumers understand the risk, protect family and homes, and recovery if needed.

The cost of flood damage is severe - 2 inches of flood water will cost $7800 for repairs; 12 inches will cost your almost $19,000;  and 18 inches will set you back over $26,000.  

If your home is in an area that does not typically flood, the insurance rates are less than $1/day - only $257 for $100,000 in coverage and only $348 for $250,000 in coverage.  For less than the cost of buying pizza each month, you can have the peace of mind of protection from a flood loss.

If you need flood insurance or assistance with your insurance needs or want to save money on insurance, contact Angelyn at Treutel Insurance Agency,, your Trusted Choice. We are licensed to write all lines of insurance in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisana, and you can reach us by, phone:228-467-5662, fax:228-466-4314, FaceBook, or

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