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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hurricane Season is Here - Is Your Insurance Ready???

OK - It's back.  We all know the drill.  Hurricane season is upon us and we need to be ready --- again.  Let's pray that the meteorologists are wrong, and that our season will be non-eventful .... but let's be prepared for the worst.  Don't let your insurance situation become a SECOND disaster after a hurricane.

1) FLOOD DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED UNDER YOUR HOME OR FIRE POLICY.  You need a SEPARATE policy for each structure on your property.  There is a 30 DAY WAITING period for most flood insurance policies.  Contact Treutel Insurance for this valuable coverage!

2) Make or request a summary of your insurance coverages.  Be sure that your coverages are adequate and that your mortgage / lienholders are accurate.  Contact Treutel Insurance for needed assistance.

3) Make personal preparations for your home and business, and email Treutel Insurance with your contact information if you must evacuate.  This will expedite the claims processing.

4) Following a storm or any extreme weather, take pictures, make a list of damaged items with estimated pricing, and DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY until an adjuster has seen it.  Your adjuster will review which items are covered under your policy.

5) If you are in Mississippi, Lousiana, or Alabama contact your Trusted Choice agent, Treutel Insurance -, Angelyn at Treutel Insurance.  You can reach us by, phone:228-467-5662, fax:228-466-4314, FaceBook, Twitter, or or through our 24/7 Client Service Portal.

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