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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Merry Christmas to All! Be Safe and Enjoy!

Planning to travel this holiday season? Most people are! Your loved ones may be scattered about and during this special time of year most of us like to see them all.  Here’s some safety tips for your road trip:

-Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained.  Check your tires and fluids and make sure all of your vehicle maintenance is up-to-date before you hit the road.
-Map your travel route in advance and be prepared for heavy traffic. 
-If you are carrying valuables or cash, store these items in the trunk and out of view
-Have your insurance ID Cards and roadside assistance contact information on hand in case of emergency
-Keep a cell phone and charger with you at all times also in case of an emergency

Traveling means you’ll be leaving your home unattended for some time.  Don’t let your home be open to the dangers of severe temperature drops, burglary or fire. 
-Protect outdoor pipes from below freezing temperatures by wrapping them heavily and turning off your water source before leaving
-Do not leave holiday lights or lit decorations on when absent for long periods, even if used on a timer
-Do not dispose of boxes for electronics in your front yard. This is like advertising that you just purchased a new TV.
-Be sure someone is collecting your mail. Overflowing mail broadcasts you're away.
-Do not store anything outdoors that can be easily accessed by a burglar to use as a tool to break into your home such as stacked firewood, ladders, tools, etc...
-Do not post about long term absences on social networking websites. It is always best to share the adventures of your vacation after you return home rather than while you're away.

Cooking a feast? Be sure to follow these important tips for safe food preparation!
-Wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after handling food
-Wash all surfaces that raw food comes in contact with after prepping each food item
-Rinse fruits and veggies thoroughly
-Use a food thermometer to make sure meat, poultry and fish are cooked to a safe internal temperature
-Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours
-Thaw frozen food safely in the refrigerator, under cold running water or in the microwave-never at room temperature. 
-Cook thawed food immediately

Most importantly, enjoy your loved ones during this special time and ensure all of your safety so that you can enjoy these memories for years to come.  SouthGroup Insurance Gulf Coast wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we look forward to serving you in 2014.  Please be sure to share your good advice with us and our readers and follow our blog for more useful information throughout the year!

Your Trusted Choice Insurance Agent stands ready to assist you. We help you through the maze of insurance coverages, carriers, and premiums, and we find the best personal and business coverage for you at affordable rates. We help you save money on insurance --- and we save you time!  And remember, when it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all.

We are your LOCAL Trusted Choice Advisors, SouthGroup-Gulf Coast / , SALES AND SERVICE AGENTS: Angelyn Treutel Zeringue, Tammy Garfield, Tammy Hogue, Brittany Jones, Wendy Johnson, Denise Russell, Melissa Moran, Alex Treutel, Susan Monti, Anne Gillam, Ashlie Moody, Michael Reso and Whitney Zimmerman at SouthGroup Gulf Coast. You can reach us by snail-mail or in person: 412 Hwy 90, Suite 6, Bay St Louis MS 39520, email: , phone:228-466-4498, fax:888-415-8922,  FaceBook , or Twitter !

We have 3 Gulf Coast locations to serve you - 2505 Pass Road - Biloxi, 5400 Indian Hill-Diamondhead, and 412 Hwy 90 Ste 6-Bay Saint Louis, MS. We write coverage in 40 different states and can assist you with Mississippi insurance, Louisiana insurance, and Alabama insurance and many other states.

Thanks to Susan Monti for her words of wisdom!

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