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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Yikes! Eight "historic" floods so far this year - it's not a coincidence!

Yikes! Eight extreme floods in the US this year alone left countless homeless--and only 10% of those impacted were covered by flood insurance.  What's wrong with this picture?       

THE REALITY: we are seeing more extreme rainfall amounts, and we need to realize  - your home is at risk no matter where you live.  Anywhere it rains, it can flood.  Unless you have a few hundred thousand dollars in your savings account, you should buy flood insurance.  Our risk of flooding is changing as both the intensity and frequency of storms reach more dangerous levels.  For the safety of your family and your financial security, re-consider buying flood insurance.

Extreme rainfall, high water levels and resultant "historic" floods are happening way too's not a coincidence.  Per the National Weather Service the "rainstorm in Southwest Louisiana is at least the eighth 500-year rainfall event across America in little more than a year, including similar extreme downpours in:
Oklahoma - May
Texas  May & October
West Virginia - June
South Carolina - October
Maryland - July
Northern Louisiana - March
And in Houston, they have experienced the fourth major flood in that region in a span of a year; and that flood has been rated one-in-10,000-year event.  

The severity and frequency of extreme rainfall are both increasing due to the reality of warmer oceans, greater humidity in the atmosphere and overwhelmed, aging drainage systems.  More subdivisions and levees have been built and displaced more water.  The water has to go somewhere.
We can't use the old excuse -It doesn't flood here,  -It hasn't flooded in 40 years,  -The flood map says low risk-- these arguments no longer apply.  After an extreme flood, we can't say "we have 100 more years before the next flood"  ---  wrong, wrong wrong.  

Wherever it rains, it can flood.  Be realistic and responsible about your actual flood risk. Count on the weather to be unpredictable--and increasingly more extreme. 
Only you know your financial capacity to recover from a flood, without insurance.
Only you can decide if paying the average $700 annual premium makes more sense than struggling to cover $37,000 in flood repairs without insurance. 
Only you know if your small business could reopen after being wiped out after flood.
Only you know if the 20% risk in the low risk flood zone is an acceptable gamble to your family.  Learn how flood insurance works.
Only you know how you will manage an "extreme" flood event if it comes to your home.

Make the right decision.  Buy flood insurance.  Your future depends on it!  

There are new insurance companies that are offering private flood coverage.  This provides you with more options on your coverages and pricing!
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