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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Hurricane Warning - Are You Ready for Your Insurance Claim?

There are actions that should be taken before, during and after a hurricane or tropical storm. While some of us are more experienced than we'd like to be, others may not be fully aware how to prepare for a hurricane. Some preparations may seem like common sense, but in the danger of the moment, we sometimes forget the simplest of things as we rush to safety. The first thing to do is make yourself a check list, so that when you are in a rush, you can be sure you haven't forgotten anything important! Below are some suggestions for your checklist:

  • Have a mapped out evacuation route

  • Determine your evacuation location and be sure it is pet friendly if bringing your furry family

  • Learn School Emergency Plans for your children

  • Pack/carry all of your important and irreplaceable documents (including insurance, medical documents, passports and photos)

  • Take a quick inventory of your possessions that you are not taking, photograph these if possible

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and protected as best as possible

  • Make sure all vehicles not taking the journey are safely stored to avoid flood damage or falling objects

  • Pack a disaster supplies kit including: Water, snacks, batteries, transistor radio, flashlight, first aid, towelettes, can opener, maps, medications, personal needs

  • Pack a multi-purpose tool

  • Carry a list of all of your emergency contacts

  • Carry extra cash, your credit cards are not always able to be used if power is out

  • Pack an extra set of keys to your home and vehicles

  • Pack insect repellant and sun block

  • Be sure to carry a camera with you, so that when you return you are able to photograph any damage

Some other important things to consider are how to prepare your surroundings. Remember to trim those tree branches which may be a threat to you or your neighbor's property in the event of heavy winds. If you own a boat, make sure it is secured. Any loose lawn furniture or decorations should be placed inside your home to avoid becoming projectiles. Help your neighbors do the same!
When evacuating, be sure to avoid flooded roads. Keep your radio tuned to local stations or carry an NOAA weather radio. Fortunately, in Hancock County we our own local radio station created for emergency situations in our area. As long as you are local, you may tune in to 103.5FM and when you are able you can also listen to this station streaming online. 

After the storm, you will need to assess the damage to your home and estimate the cost to repair.  It may be best to request an official estimate from a roofing or other contractor.  If the estimated repair cost exceeds your deductible, you may file a claim with your insurance agent or directly with your insurance company as outlined in your policy document.  Your Trusted Choice Agent is available to assit you through the process, but remember that the adjuster is the person who will answer your coverage questions and document your account for the company to send your settlement check.  Make your adjusters job as easy as possible by taking pictures and retaining all receipts.  You are obligated by your policy contract to take appropriate measures to protect damage from getting worse, so do what you need to do but take pictures prior to making any changes.  Do not destroy the evidence of your damage before your adjuster can review, because that will detrimentally impact your claim settlement. 

Your Trusted Choice Insurance Agent, SouthGroup Insurance Gulf Coast wants you to know you can call on us with your questions or concerns seeking more helpful advice or answers to your pressing insurance questions. A full insurance review is always your best bet to make sure you have all of the adequate coverage for your personal insurance needs. Remember, we offer a personalized insurance review to anyone who is interested at no charge – just visit any one of our 3 convenient coastal locations! 

We are your LOCAL Trusted Choice Advisors, SouthGroup-Gulf Coast ,  SALES AND SERVICE AGENTS: Angelyn Treutel Zeringue, Tammy Garfield, Tammy Hogue, Brittany Jones, Denise Russell, Melissa Moran, Alex Treutel, Anne Gillam, Ashlie Moody, Mark Strickland, and Whitney Webb at SouthGroup Gulf Coast. You can reach us by snail-mail or in person: 412 Hwy 90, Suite 6, Bay St Louis MS 39520, email: , phone: 228-466-4498 fax:888-415-8922,  FaceBook, or Twitter ! 

We have 2 Gulf Coast locations to serve you - 2505 Pass Road - Biloxi and 412 Hwy 90 Suite 6-Bay Saint Louis, MS. We write coverage in 40 different states and can assist you with Mississippi insurance, Louisiana insurance, and Alabama insurance and many other states.

Insurance is stressful, but we make saving easy.  We help you save money on insurance!
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