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Monday, January 27, 2014

Emergency Weather Alert - Gulf Coast!

Brrrr!!  The Gulf Coast is typically sunny and HOT!  But for the second week in a row, the Gulf Coast is being covered with devastating cold, and possible sleet and icy conditions!  Please take precautions now (while it is still 60 degrees!!)

STAY INSIDE - but if you must go out, remember that ice is clear and slippery.  Rock salt is environmentally safe and assists with melting ice.  Sprinkle some on your stairs and decks to keep walkways safer.
This is a weather alert from the City of Bay Saint Louis.  Weather officials are predicting very cold weather, with possible sleet, ice and snow, to begin affecting our area Monday night and lasting into Wednesday.  This weather is life threatening to people and animals.  We are asking residents to stay off of roadways if there is sleet or ice.  Do not travel if you do not have to.  You have a much greater chance of being involved in an accident and you could be stranded away from home if roads are closed due to ice. If you must travel you should have a warm blanket and drinking water in your vehicle in case you are stranded. Please complete your shopping or other errands by tomorrow night (MONDAY).
If enough ice forms on power lines you may lose electricity.  If the power goes out, do not use candles - they are a fire hazard.  Have battery operated flashlights or lanterns available, as well as warm clothes and blankets.  Do not use charcoal grills, generators or any appliance that uses fuel for heat inside your home, garage or any enclosed area.  Gasses produced by these appliances can kill you. 
Pets should be brought indoors.  Do not put portable heaters where pets or children can knock them over or knock something onto them.  They will start a fire.  Residents should closely monitor the news and weather for any changes in the forecast and for other emergency information.
Numbers to call to see if bridges and roads are closed in Mississippi

Hancock County 228-255-0942
Harrison County 228-865-4087

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We are your LOCAL Trusted Choice Advisors, SouthGroup-Gulf Coast / ,
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