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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need to Review Your Insurance Coverages

It's a brand new year filled with resolutions of things we all plan to do to better our lives this year. We think about our diet, our lifestyle and our habits for starters, but who thinks about their insurance?

Like any good and necessary financial review, looking over your insurance policies is equally important and here's the top 6 reasons why you should!

1) Changes to your property could make a difference in the event of a claim!
Have you added a room to your home? Changed the style of roofing material from shingle to tile?
Added a workshop to your property? There are so many simple changes you can make to your
property that are more significant than you realize when it comes to making a claim. If you spend
$10,000 on an addition but failed to inform your insurer to increase your coverage then face a total
loss later on, that addition will not be included in your claim pay out and can cause problems by
delaying the claim processing. This is just one example of many ways these types of changes can affect your policy.  When reviewing your insurance with your
Trusted Choice Advisor, be sure to mention any updates you've made to your home regardless of how significant you think they are!

2) Lifestyle changes can create a demand for more or less insurance coverage.
Do you have any new household members? Did someone move in or out? These things may affect your coverage needs. Employment changes, driving distances, and so much more may cause you to need to make important changes to your coverages. In some cases marriages, safer jobs, installing a security system and so much more can be beneficial to your insurance and reduce your rate. Make a list of changes in your life to review with your
Trusted Choice insurance agent today.

3) You could have too much or too little coverage?
Most people purchase an insurance policy when they first purchase their home, but never review
the policy again after years of ownership. Changes in market values, building supply costs, changes to your home design or even the contents of your home are just a few items that need to be discussed with your insurance agent on a regular basis. Does your home or wind or flood policy provide an inflation guard?  Are your coverages consistent on all of your policies?   Your
Trusted Choice insurance advisor can tell you after reviewing this information if you have the right amount of coverage for your protection. In some cases you may even have more coverage than necessary, causing you additional expense that you don't need.

Unlike your home policy, however, when you first purchase an auto policy it's usually for a new car
and the value of the car decreases over time. Also, the way you use your vehicle may change over
time. Are you traveling more or less? Are you using your car for business? Is anyone new driving
your car or has a driver previously listed left your household? These are just a few questions to
consider when reviewing your auto insurance policy with your
Trusted Choice Agent.

4) You may be too complacent
Your life and surroundings are constantly changing, but you've had your faith for years now that your insurance will automatically do what you need it to do. Without your input or updates, your policy will remain as it was written years ago, but that may not be suited for you. Have you become complacent? Are you forgetting something? You may not even realize you are, but sitting down with your
Trusted Choice insurance agent may spark your memory!

5) Your business may not be accurately protected
In Business, owners are very focused on day-to-day activities, and small business changes could effect insurance rates. For example, new equipment for your business may have been purchased or new insurance products and services are now available. Have your sales increased significantly? You may need to adjust your coverage.  Have you downsized in some way? This could result in a premium reduction. If you have made any changes during the year, be sure to discuss these with your
Trusted Choice Advisor.

6) When your child goes away to college, what will YOU learn?
As the primary purchaser of your child’s belongings, you are truly aware of the value, so protecting your child’s possessions against loss is a financial priority. Is your child taking a vehicle to school? This is an important consideration as it can have an impact on your auto premium. Planning ahead will help make sure your child is properly insured while away at college. Having the right coverage in place could save you money in the long run.

We're just scratching the surface here!

Make a list of your questions to bring to your insurance review. Remember no question is foolish. We are licensed Trusted Choice agents with training and education in the industry, and we don't expect our clients to fully understand the ins & outs of insurance, but we are eager to share our knowledge with you. "Do I need extended coverage for my valuables?" "Is my landscaping covered?" "Do I qualify for any discounts?" "Has the rating of my insurance company changed since my policy was written?" These are just a few examples of important questions you need answers to.

Schedule your appointment at one of our 3 convenient locations today. We are looking forward to your review!

Your Trusted Choice Insurance Agent stands ready to assist you. We help you through the maze of insurance coverages, carriers, and premiums, and we find the best personal and business coverage for you at affordable rates. We help you save money on insurance --- and we save you time!  And remember, when it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all.

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Thanks to Susan Monti for her words of wisdom!

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